Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shift - Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture, Issue 5 Reminder

Call for Papers

Shift welcomes academic papers, exhibition and book reviews, as well as discussions concerning other art-related events from current graduate students. Please see Submission and Style Guidelines for appropriate guidelines.

The committee welcomes submissions dealing with visual and material culture from any discipline. Papers may address a full range of topics and historical periods. Topics may include, but are not limited to, art and propaganda, patronage, gender and identity, spirituality and art, nationalisms and regionalisms, modernism and modernity, performance art, photography and film, perspectives in theory, methodology, and historiography, collection and representation, art and technology.

Submission Deadline for Issue 5

This journal is an online publication. All manuscripts should be sent by email to Papers must be submitted to the editors of Shift by 01 March 2012. The journal launch will take place 01 October 2012.

Selection Process

For each issue, submitted papers will be reviewed by an Editorial Committee composed of current graduate students from The University of Western Ontario. Papers considered the strongest will be sent to the Editorial Board, which is composed of upper-level graduate students and established scholars. Papers judged by the Editorial Board as contributing to existing scholarship will be accepted for publication in the journal.

All papers are selected by blind jury panel, and are therefore considered refereed.

Submission and Style Guidelines

Please read the following points carefully before submitting to Shift. Submissions that do not follow these regulations will not be considered for publication.

  1. Authors must be registered as graduate students at the time they submit their work.
  2. All papers must conform to the style guidelines as outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th or newer edition.
  3. All papers must be double spaced with 1-inch margins. Font must be Arial 11. All papers must be paginated, including the first page, with numbers located on the bottom right hand corner.
  4. Images should be placed in-text throughout the paper, not located together at the end. All images and figures should be properly captioned according to The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th or newer edition. Authors are responsible for securing rights to all images and figures used within their paper. Authors must produce evidence that these rights have been obtained before an image or figure will be published.
  5. In order to ensure blind readings from the Editorial Committee and Editorial Board, authors must remove any identifying information from the content of the submission and from the document's 'properties'.
  6. Please submit a separate document with the authors' names, title of paper, institution, email address, phone number, and an abstract of 250 words or less with a list of 3-5 keywords to enhance the discoverability of your article online.
  7. There are differing length restrictions depending on the type of manuscript submitted to the journal. Academic papers must be 2500 to 6250 words, while reviews for exhibitions, books, and other art-related events must be 1000 to 1500 words.
  8. This journal is online only. All manuscripts should be sent by email to Submissions must be received the editors of Shift by midnight on 01 March 2012 to be considered for publication in issue 5.
  9. Issue 5 will be published online on 01 October 2012.

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