Thursday, June 23, 2011

Still Time to Register for Draper's Summer Writing Workshop

Preparation for Graduate School Summer Writing Workshop
Section One Non-Credit ($1,000 fee) / Section Two: 2 credits

Summer Session II: July 5 – August 12, 2011
Professor Amber Musser

This course introduces incoming and first-year graduate students to the ins and outs of academic writing. We’ll cover some of the specific forms and styles that graduate students routinely encounter, including proposals and abstracts, book reviews and lit reviews, critical essays and research papers. We’ll also seek to demystify the writing process by discussing some of the practical problems that writers face and breaking down the process into manageable tasks at each stage.

Because this course is a practical, hands-on workshop, it will be centered around what you write from week to week, as well as in-class writing activities including peer review, feedback, editing, and discussion. Readings will consist of short articles on particular aspects of writing, and examples of the genres we are working with.

Aside from the writing you produce during the course, you should also have a longer paper that you would like to revise, either something in progress or previously written for another course. It doesn’t have to be a fully polished piece but it should have a recognizable shape with introduction, body and conclusion fleshed out. In case you do not have a suitable paper available, we can make other arrangements.

NYU Students can register directly on Albert.

Non-NYU students, please see the summer session website for more information on how to enroll:

Contact the Draper Program at with questions.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

In honor of the solstice today, here are some photofinds from the Flickr Commons to celebrate summer:

Snack Bar in Summer Community of Broad Channel on Jamaica Bay. 05/1973
Flickr collection of US National Archives

Bay Clams Are the Specialty of the House"
Photograph by Arthur Tress (1940 - present)

Flickr collection of the National Archives, UK

"A summer shower in the woods, Miyanoshita, Japan."
Photograph taken by Herbert Ponting (1870-1935)

Flickr collection of the US National Archives

"15 Miles South of Their Piceance Creek Ranch. 3 Generations of Oldlands Have Ranched Here"
Photograph by David Hiser (1937 - present)