Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alumna Katie Blankenship Answers the Draper Dozen

Draper alumna Katie Blankenship (2009) recently got in touch with us about a career opportunity at the New York City Rock Camp (NYCRC), a nonprofit music education day camp for girls and boys ages 9-17 that she created following her graduation from Draper. We asked Katie to answer some questions about her time at Draper and activities now ('The Draper Dozen'). Her answers are below.

The Draper Dozen

1. When did you graduate from Draper?


2. Did you attend as a full or part-time student?

Full Time

3. Do you still live in New York?


4. What do you like the most about New York?

The opportunities available in the arts for both career and leisure, the culture, and the food!

5. What do you dislike the most about New York?

The cost of living

6. What was the topic of your Master’s thesis?

Non-profit art administration

7. Why did you choose to pursue an interdisciplinary degree at Draper?

I was drawn to the wide array of classes and topics of study.

8. What project/career/interest are you pursuing now?

Law and Nonprofit art administration

9. What special activities or projects do you enjoy outside of your academic work and/or career?


10. What was the last book you read for fun?

Ken Follett, Pillars of the Earth

11. What are three things that you wouldn’t want to live without? Music, fresh food, my dog

12. Any words of wisdom for current Draper students?

Be mindful of your student loans and plan ahead on how you will repay them!