Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Soiree with the Master's College: Tomorrow!

Classes have started and we are ready for a year of fantastic events. Let's start the year off right! Join the GSAS Master's College for the annual Fall Soiree:

This Friday, September 16th
5:30 - 8:00 PM
The NYU Torch Club
18 Waverly Place

wine and cheese

To register for this event, send an email with your name and the name of this event to:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Draper's New Winter Session Course: Issues in Public Art

For the first time ever, Draper students can take a course during the three weeks of winter session, which runs from January 3 - 21. Mario A. Caro, Professor of Art Worlds, will teach “Issues in Public Art” (a more detailed description of the class is below).

The winter session class structure allows an intense immersion into the kinds of themes and considerations that normally stretch across a full semester. It’s also an opportunity for you to start and finish a four-credit course in a compressed time frame. Such a schedule, while demanding, might be especially appealing to those of you who want to graduate within a tightly defined time frame.

Because this is a new initiative, and because Draper is the only program within the Graduate School to offer a winter session class in this academic year, it is important for us to determine the level of student interest. If you would like to enroll in Prof. Caro's class or even if you just want to more information, please email Larissa directly at larissa.kyzer[at]


Winter Session 2012
January 3 - 21

Topics in Art Worlds: Issues in Public Art
Prof. Mario A. Caro
4 pts

This course will explore contemporary issues that affect the production and consumption of public art. Claims for this art can range from this genre being perceived as government or corporate propaganda to it being seen as an egalitarian possibility for the voice of the people to be heard. We will survey current local, national, and international efforts to produce public art that is diaologic, art that furthers dialogue among communities. We will also look at the history of public art in order to gain an appreciation for its present state. Because much of the contemporary work emphasizes the performative aspects of dialogue, works may not always be recognizable as art. The ultimate challenge for us will be in being able to recognize public art when we confront it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Orientation Pictures on Facebook

Draper is now easier to find on Facebook--check out our page (!/DraperMAProgram.NYU) and help us tag recent pictures of our fall 2011 orientation party.