Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Information on Fall Advising and Registration

Dear Students:

As many of you are aware, Draper will begin taking appointments for fall 2011 academic advising this coming Monday, July 25. Appointments can be scheduled by calling Draper's main line at 212.998.8070. To be fair to all of our students, we cannot schedule advising appointments via email.

The following information should be useful to you as you prepare for advisement and registration:

  • Advising will run from Monday, August 15 - Thursday, September 1.

  • Remember that all students who are taking credit-bearing courses *must* have an advising appointment before they will be given access codes. Students who will not be taking classes but will be completing their theses in the fall should register for Maintenance of Matriculation (MM) with Class Number 1631. For more information on what MM is and why you need to register for it, please see Draper's FAQ page for current students here.

  • If you cannot attend your advisement appointment in person, you can schedule a phone appointment. New students are encouraged to come in for advising in person, if at all possible.

  • Draper's fall course listings are available on our website (http://draper.as.nyu.edu/object/drap.courses.fa11). Please note that these listings are currently more accurate than those found through Albert, but that due to the new registration system, some details--particularly for crosslisted courses--are still being finalized. Course information will be complete by the time advisement begins.

Registration Open for AGSLSP Conf: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Water (Saratoga Springs, NY)


October 13-15, 2011
Saratoga Springs, NY
Host: Skidmore College

As an element necessary to sustain life on the Blue Planet, water has played and continues to play a paramount role in all aspects of human existence. Yet water has also served as a trigger for conflict and has caused devastating cataclysms, as Hurrican Katrina and the recent flooding in Pakistan so pointedly illustrate. Water is both a blessing and a curse, yet it is crucial to life, pervading art, politics, society, science, and basic human survival.

How does water appear in different contexts and function in different miliuex? How can a dialogue among disciplines illuminate and address problems and solutions to issues presented by this vital natural resource? How can the past inform our understanding of the importance of water in the present and guide our actions in the future? Join us in Saratoga Springs to grapple with the harmony and dissonance inherent in water as the source of life and strife and as inspiration for creativity and invention.

For more information on conference registration, accommodations, and the full program schedule, see

Contacts for Prospective Students

Dear Students-

Throughout the year, applicants to Draper request to be put in touch with current students who would be willing to answer questions about faculty, courses, and their overall experience in the program. In such cases, we generally email the questions to current students, who then respond directly to the applicant.

If you would be willing to answer questions for prospective students from time to time, please email us (draper.program(at)nyu.edu) with your preferred email address and your primary research interests. (We try to match applicants with students who have similar academic interests.) We will always ask your permission before sending you questions to answer, and you will, of course, never be obligated to respond to such inquiries. We know that the academic year is very busy, and that you may not always have time to speak to prospective students.

Thanks very much!