Friday, October 7, 2011

No NYU Classes on Mon/Tue Next Week, But Draper Will Still Be Open!

Dear students:

This is just a reminder that there are no classes scheduled for Monday, October 10 and Tuesday, October 11. With limited exceptions, NYU offices--including Draper--will remain open on both days.

All university holidays are listed on the online academic calendar. This fall's vacations are all listed here.

Draperite Mario Cancel-Bigay Performs at Open Mike Next Week

On Tuesday, October 11, Draper student Mario Cancel-Bigay will be participating at the open mike at Kimmel Center (4th floor) for the Hispanic Heritage Month. It starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. During the event, Mario will perform his song "I Got My NYU Card." He sent us a description of the song which you can read below. He also has a MySpace page ( where you can listen to a few of his other songs.

"I Got My NYU Card" is a 5 minute sung "ethnography". This composition analyzes NYU Culture from an anthropologically witty standpoint as seen through the eyes of the "Other" which is just a fancy way of refering to myself. The composer explores the relationship between consumerism, snobbishness, and knowledge without proposing any real solutions.

Ultimately, by executing chords with the Puerto Rican Cuatro (the island's national instrument) Mr. Cancel executes notions of superiority and false freedom..."

So come out and see Mario perform next Tuesday!

Students Report Back on the NYU Walk Out and March to Wall Street

We're collecting reflections from Draper students who attended the NYU walk out and march earlier this week. If you were there and would like to share your experiences and/or photos, email us at Draper and we'll add them below. (Thoughts on the ongoing demonstration from people who did not attend the march are welcome as well.)

Mario Cancel-Bigay:

I was part of the march. It was amazing!!! Peoples of all races, ages and political tendencies marching together. It took me 3 hours to get to Liberty street marching from NYU. There were thousands and thousands of the 99%.
Below are some of the slogans that I saw:

1.Weed not Greed
2. Revolution is an obligation
3. Wall Street Needs an Enema. Full of Crap!
4. Jobs not Cuts
5.We march for hope not hate
6. Tax Wall Street Leeches
7. Jobs, Justice and Education
8. Workers rights are human rights
9.Boycott your debts
10. Fund Art and Music
11. Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call
12. Need vs Greed
13. Class War? Time to fight
14. Corporations does not equal people
15. Medicare Protect it, Improve it, expand it
16. Fight for socialism
17. This years bonus? New neighbors
18. Save our schools
19. The times, they are a changing
20. Imagine no religion in government
21. Imagine no greed in America
22. Tax the bankers Occupy Wall Street
23. Credit Union Power
24. Jobs Now
25. Tax the Rich, feed the poor
26. Tear down this Wall Street
27. I never wanted to work anyway
28. really...? REALLY?!
29. Your prosperity is our austerity
30. The American dream? You have to be asleep to believe it. Wake up!
31. Iranians Occupy Wall street
32. Not left not right just sick of corporate influence in my government
33. Stop coddling the rich
34. Full citizenship for all immigrants
35. The monetary system is the problem
36. People before profits
37 We are all Sean Bell
38. We are the 99%

Dean's Student Travel Grant Program

Dear Students,

We recently sent out an announcement about the Draper Travel Grant, which we award to students participating in conferences throughout the academic year. The Graduate School of Arts and Science also has such an award - Dean's Student Travel Grant Program - which students can apply for throughout the academic year. 225 awards are distributed annually, in the amount of $500 each. Awards are made through a two-tier lottery process during three award periods. Applications for Period 1 are being accepted from next Monday, Oct 10 - Friday, Oct 21.

More information on the Dean's Student Travel Grant is available on the web, here:

Volunteer with Creative Time

Creative Time is excited to present Living As Form, an unprecedented, international project exploring over twenty years of cultural works that blurs the forms of art and everyday life, emphasizing participation, dialogue, and community engagement.

Dedicated and energetic volunteers are needed to staff the busy hub of the project: the Historic Essex Street Market – 15,000 square feet featuring over 100 artists located at the southeast intersection of Essex and Delancey Streets. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to view a collection of socially engaged art projects and actions from around the globe, as well as experience a series of new events and performances produced specifically for this exhibition.

As a Creative Time volunteer at the Living As Form exhibition you will:
  • Engage a diverse and vibrant audience in the practical and theoretical concerns of the project.
  • Be a point person within the space monitoring the exhibition and related events.
  • Meet artists, curators, Creative Time staff, and tons of other volunteers.
  • Spend time amongst the hustle and bustle of the Historic Essex Street Market and Living as Form Exhibition with the awesome Creative Time crew.
  • Receive a copy of a Creative Time publication
Volunteers will also assist with light set-up and clean up of the exhibition space at the beginning and end of shifts. Exhibition hours are 12-8pm, Thursdays – Sundays from September 24th through October 16th.

Creative Time would appreciate help also with any of the following shifts for the remainder of the run of the show. As the show continues, the exhibition continues to grow and shift, with more events and collaborations being added each day!
  • Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays
  • 11am - 4pm or 4pm - 9pm
  • October 6 - 9 or October 13 - 16
If you are interested please email with the following information:
  1. Your name
  2. Contact phone number
  3. Which dates/times you will take over the course of the exhibition
  4. How did you hear about this opportunity?

Creative Time is eager for you to join their team to make
Living as Form a reality; it is guaranteed to be an amazing experience!

Aliya Bonar
Site Manager,
Living as Form
212.206.6674 x217

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last Chance to Join Anamesa!

Hello Draperites!

We hope your semester is coming along nicely, and you're enjoying the lovely fall weather!

Anamesa is about to start holding selection committees to choose the submissions we want to be included in the Fall 2011 issue. If you are interested in joining Anamesa but weren't able to attend our first meeting, THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!!!

The schedule for our selection committees is:

Wednesday 10/5, 8:30-10pm - Art Selection Committee - Bobst Lower Level 1, Room 10
Tuesday 10/11, 8:30-10pm - Nonfiction Selection Committee - Reading Room, Juan Carlos Center
Thursday 10/13, 8:30-10pm - Fiction Selection Committee - Reading Room, Juan Carlos Center
Monday 10/17 - 8:30-10pm - Poetry Selection Committee - Reading Room, Juan Carlos Center

If you are interested in participating in any of these committees, please email us IMMEDIATELY with your name and NYU email address so that we can add you to the Blackboard list and you will have time to review the submissions for your genre!

If you attended our first meeting you should already have Blackboard access the submissions, and we look forward to seeing you at the committee(s) you are planning to attend. Please be sure to have reviewed all the pieces before the committee; we have very limited time to come to final decisions and need your help to come prepared.

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

All the best,
The Editors

Anamesa, an Interdisciplinary Journal

The DSO is Back: First Event this Week!

Hello, Draperites!

At long last, the new DSO is up and running. Save these dates, and join us!

Kickoff Draper Salon: Thursday, October 6th , Amity Hall 80 West 3rd Street.

8:30 – 10:30pm, $4 craft beers and $4 well drinks + Trivial Pursuit!!!

Come mix, mingle and match wits against your fellow brilliant, charming Draper compadres, and uphold the aims of the Salons of the Enlightenment: amuse each other, refine your tastes and knowledge, please, educate. The Salon will be a weekly Thursday night event.

Kickoff Brown bag Lunch Forum: Tuesday, October 11th , Draper Map Room, 12noon – 2pm.

Gather and discuss paper topics, upcoming assignments, that genius thing you meant to say in class three days ago but just finally found the words for now. If you’d like to attend, please email with a description of what you’d like to discuss at the forum (the topic of a paper, an idea you’re wrestling with in hopes of formulating a thesis, a piece of writing you think could use a peer edit etc.) These topics will be collected and compiled by the Forum moderator, in the interest of promoting quality feedback, and helping to connect students with similar academic interests.

Pizza lunch will be provided for this first Forum! Please bring a drink or anything else you’d like to eat. Forums will be a bi-weekly event.

Draper Conference, November 18th, time and location TBA, keep your eyes peeled for a call for presenters.

We’re very much looking forward to getting to know everyone, and to building our Draper community!

Bridget, Valentine & Scott

DSO Board

Badiou Event Canceled!

Dr. Badiou's travel plans have changed, so the event below has been canceled. Comparative Literature hopes to reschedule the event for the spring.

Alain Badiou
"A New Universal? On Popular Insurrections in the Contemporary World"
October 10, 2011
Hemmerdinger Hall, 1st floor (100 Washington Square East)

Academic Advising and Registration for the Spring 2012 Semester

It may only be October, but we're already looking ahead to the spring 2012 semester. Registration on Albert for the spring term will begin on Monday, November 14, 2011. Spring classes will be available in Albert's Course Search beginning the week of October 17, 2011. Please remember that most departments in GSAS have earlier registration than Draper does, so if you plan to register for non-Draper classes, you will be able to start making those arrangements before you complete your Draper advising and registration.

Draper's preliminary spring 2012 course schedule will be available on our website within the next couple weeks. These listings will be updated regularly with new crosslists and information.

Draper's spring 2012 academic advising period will be held in two separate sessions. The first academic advising session will begin on Thursday, November 10th and end on Wednesday, November 23rd. Any students who are unable to come in for advising during this session will have the opportunity to do so on January 9th and 10th. No advising appointments will be held in December.

Draper will begin scheduling advising appointments on Tuesday, October 25th. To schedule your appointment, please call 212.998.8070 on or after October 25. No advising appointments will be scheduled before that day.

All students who will be enrolling in courses in the spring must have an advising appointment prior to the start of the semester.

First Round of Draper Travel Grant Applications Due October 31

If you will be be delivering a paper or poster at a scholarly conference this year, don't forget to apply for Draper's travel grant. Information about eligibility and the application process are on our website, here:

Workshop Reminders

Ph.D Application Workshop
Friday, October 14
5:30 - 7:30 PM
Draper Map Room

Led by Professors Theresa MacPhail and Amber Musser. Please email Draper ( or call the main line (212.998.8070) to RSVP.

MA Thesis Workshop
Friday, November 4
6:00 - 8:00 PM
Draper Map Room

Led by Professors Rebecca Colesworthy and Steven Moga. Please email Draper ( or call the main line (212.998.8070) to RSVP.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Humanities Initiative: October Events

Grant-Writing for Graduate Students in the Humanities:
A Panel Discussion
Wed. October 12, 2011
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor

Join us to discuss how to identify grant opportunities and how to prepare a successful proposal for project and research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Speakers include: Professors
Emily Martin (Anthropology), Ara Merjian (Italian), Helen Nissenbaum (Media, Culture, and Communication), and Guy Ortolano (History), and doctoral candidates Maggie Popkin (IFA) andReynolds Richter (History). Dean Lauren Benton (Dean for Humanities, FAS) will moderate. This event is co-sponsored by the NYU Humanities Initiative, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the FAS Office of the Dean for Humanities.

RSVPs are required. To reserve your place, please visit:

A reception will follow. This event is free and open to the public.

Michael Stoller
The Place of American Libraries Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Wed. October 19, 2011
20 Cooper Square, 5th Floor

From the tiny, little-used collections that accompanied the classical curriculum of early 19th century American colleges to the closed-stack libraries that first supported graduate research to the burgeoning open-stack repositories of the Cold War era and the digital gateways of the 21st century,
Dr. Michael Stoller (Director of Collections and Research Services, NYU’s Division of Libraries) discusses the ways that academic libraries have grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of this country’s research universities. Stoller took his PhD in medieval history at Columbia University and has written extensively about the importance of collaboration between scholars and librarians in shaping the library of the 21st century.

RSVPs are required. To reserve your place, please visit:

A reception will follow. This event is free and open to the public.