Friday, October 7, 2011

Draperite Mario Cancel-Bigay Performs at Open Mike Next Week

On Tuesday, October 11, Draper student Mario Cancel-Bigay will be participating at the open mike at Kimmel Center (4th floor) for the Hispanic Heritage Month. It starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. During the event, Mario will perform his song "I Got My NYU Card." He sent us a description of the song which you can read below. He also has a MySpace page ( where you can listen to a few of his other songs.

"I Got My NYU Card" is a 5 minute sung "ethnography". This composition analyzes NYU Culture from an anthropologically witty standpoint as seen through the eyes of the "Other" which is just a fancy way of refering to myself. The composer explores the relationship between consumerism, snobbishness, and knowledge without proposing any real solutions.

Ultimately, by executing chords with the Puerto Rican Cuatro (the island's national instrument) Mr. Cancel executes notions of superiority and false freedom..."

So come out and see Mario perform next Tuesday!

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