Thursday, June 17, 2010

Student News!

Several Draper students have exciting news to share. Please join us in congratulating them! If you have news you'd like to share with the Draper community, let us know. Email us at
Dani Limos
has a new job working with Peace First, an organization whose goal is to integrate social-emotional learning into the schools' curriculum and culture. Dani will be working as a Peace First Americorps Member for 10 months, going into schools in NYC and teaching kids the skills of conflict resolution and civic engagement through games and community service projects. In the fall, she'll be leading weekly experiential activities, and in the spring, she'll be helping each classroom create and implement community service learning projects to apply their learned skills in a community context.

Faith Merino-Davies will be presenting a paper entitled "Grotesque: Writing, Naming, and Disfiguring Women's Bodies in and Wide Sargasso Sea and Myal"at the "Hybrids, Monsters, Aliens, and Other Creatures in 20th and 21st Century Writing" Conference at the University of London's Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies this September.

April Pierce has had papers accepted at three upcoming conferences. In August, she'll be presenting a paper entitled "Representation, Concealment, and Techne: 21st Century Reimaginings of Heidegger's Work" at the International Society for Hermeneutics and Science's annual conference in Vienna. The paper examines artificial intelligence, avatars, and bioengineering from a Heideggerian perspective.

In September, she'll be presenting her paper "Where Does the Poem Go?" at the “Cosmopoetics: Mediating a New World Poetics”conference at St. John’sCollege, Durham University. The paper is an experimental essay which seeks to uncover the poetic audience: their motivations, their modes of listening, and their philosophy.

April and Seth Taylor Garrison will be co-presenting "The Metaphorical Horizon: Between Facts and Fiction," at the 5th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences in Cambridge, UK. April and Seth's proposal can be read on the conference website.