Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contacts for Prospective Students

Dear Students-

Throughout the year, applicants to Draper request to be put in touch with current students who would be willing to answer questions about faculty, courses, and their overall experience in the program. In such cases, we generally email the questions to current students, who then respond directly to the applicant.

If you would be willing to answer questions for prospective students from time to time, please email us (draper.program(at)nyu.edu) with your preferred email address and your primary research interests. (We try to match applicants with students who have similar academic interests.) We will always ask your permission before sending you questions to answer, and you will, of course, never be obligated to respond to such inquiries. We know that the academic year is very busy, and that you may not always have time to speak to prospective students.

Thanks very much!


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