Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

In honor of the solstice today, here are some photofinds from the Flickr Commons to celebrate summer:

Snack Bar in Summer Community of Broad Channel on Jamaica Bay. 05/1973
Flickr collection of US National Archives

Bay Clams Are the Specialty of the House"
Photograph by Arthur Tress (1940 - present)

Flickr collection of the National Archives, UK

"A summer shower in the woods, Miyanoshita, Japan."
Photograph taken by Herbert Ponting (1870-1935)

Flickr collection of the US National Archives

"15 Miles South of Their Piceance Creek Ranch. 3 Generations of Oldlands Have Ranched Here"
Photograph by David Hiser (1937 - present)

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