Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Draper students presenting at Toronto conference this weekend - poster and abstract

Draper students Kristyn Goldberg and Ali Abbas are presenting at the following conference, this weekend:

Strategies of Critique XXIV: The Future (TBD)
Graduate Program in Social & Political Thought
York University, Toronto
April 9-10, 2010

Their poster is above (sans animation, unfortunately) and their abstract below. Congratulations, Kristyn and Ali!

Panel 2: 11:30 – 1:00, Saturday, April 10th

Panel Title: Techno-Futures

Kristyn Goldberg and Ali Abbas

“Technological Intercourse: (Pop)ular Representations of

the Diva”

A: Technological Intercourse: (Pop)ular Representations of the


B: we should totally just talk about lady gaga

A: haha that has been such a hot topic of discussion for us

Of all the critiques I have read of her work the "scholarly" one has

strangely been most absent

B: we should submit a discussion on her artistry but a truly

scholarly discussion would be couched in discussions of diva and

fame and reproduction

A: Yes! Representation, reproduction, essence, and aura the

whole shabang! It will be when anthropology, philosophy, art

history, and pop culture have a child! How should we present it


Like just sit and reference her to other source material or write a


B: in the same format we always talk about it in!

A: Yessssssss. Just get up there and gchat! It will be a visual

sensory experience!!

B: a performative dialogue/diorama that illustrates

communication WHILE we communicate about what it means

to be a diva in the future only the future is now!!!

(do you think I needed crazy music there for emphasis)

A: Dum-dum-dum!!

So the content will be a critique of "the Diva" and the form will

be on technology colliding with oral and written communication?

complete with all the mispellings, catchy lyrics, and slang of our

regular conversations?

B: i feel like that could potentially be very potent and fun....they

have a projector or two that shows each of our desktops and our


A: Yesssssssss

And it would allow us to pull up sources on the fly. the

computer will represent a whole new set of rules and limitations!


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