Monday, April 5, 2010

Draper Alumni Book Set To Release This May

As NeonSeon, Draper alumni Seon Ricks developed a comic strip for his high school newspaper featuring a character named Shouty Mack. Now, NeonSeon has developed the strip into a book series focused on personal issues, which is coming out on May 18th. From the press release:

"If change is the one thing we can count on, why is it so difficult for most of us to change our bad habits? In this clever and entertaining book, Shouty attempts to do just that. Whether you’re an adult or child, Life of Shouty: Good Habits offers a refreshing view of life’s common challenges. The universal story explores themes of hope and persistence in the face of adversity. Concepts of comfort zones, negative self-talk, and setting goals are featured in an artful way. The poetic style, illustrations, and expressions on Shouty’s face are delightful. The journey is filled with memorable rhymes that speak to the heart of those who want to be their best selves. Readers can relate to Shouty’s struggles: procrastination, stagnancy, and habitual ways of thinking that pose obstacles to achievement and personal growth. Changing habits is not easy, but you will be motivated to—or at least have hope that you can—after reading this book."

Shouty has his own website and Life of Shouty: Good Habits is available for purchase on,,
and from the publisher at

Congratulations, Seon!

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