Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Arts in Haiti Now talk tomorrow, 4/7

"The Arts in Haiti Now: Perspectives from Three Haitian Playwrights"

We are fortunate to have three contemporary Haitian playwrights visiting NYU this week, Dominique Battraville, Duckens Charitable and Coutechève Lavoie Aupont. We’d like to invite you to join us for a conversation with them about the cultural scene in Haiti today, and the future of Haitian theater in the wake of the January earthquake.

This is a unique opportunity and we invite anyone who is interested in Haiti, contemporary theater and the humanities to join us *Wednesday, April 7 at from 12:30-2:00pm* at the Maison Française at NYU.

More information to follow next week, as well as additional information concerning excerpts of these playwrights’ works, which will be available upon request for you to consult before the event. The conversation will be conducted in French, but English translations of the plays will be available.

Organized by the graduate students in the Department of French at NYU


  1. does anyone know if this is going to be taped/recorded in some way? and will the talk itself be translated? who can i contact for this info?

  2. Hi, Dasha-

    The event is organized by the French Department, so I would contact them directly for more information. Their general phone number is 212.998.8700.