Friday, September 30, 2011

Interdisciplinary Project Seeks Contributors

Prometheus Mediated: Exploring Audience Perception Through an Evolution of Forms

Funded by the Lucrece Project: Creative Experiments in Critical Practice

In his widely known 1964 book, Understanding Media: the Extensions of Man, media theorist Marshall McLuhan asserts “the medium is the message.” He theorizes that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message, creating a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. Using the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus as content, we will express the story through three different mediums: a short theater performance, a short film piece and a new media piece that incorporates a variety of digital forms and social media tools to enhance the audience’s experience. Bringing together a dynamic group of scholars, artists and media makers interested in exploring form’s effect, not just on content but on the audience experience of content, the project will rely on a collaborative interdisciplinary process to shed new light on an old question. We are particularly interested in examining how the evolution of the mediated audience experience from a massive social gathering to an individual, human-computer interaction changes the implications and understanding of content. The project will be realized in a site-specific installation that allows audience members to experience each of the three pieces as individual forms and as a continuous media event.


Prometheus Mediated is an ambitious project calling on academic scholarship as well as a wide range of creative skills. We are looking for participants at all levels – those who want to be involved in a specific area of interest and those who want to take on a major creative role in realizing the piece. We are specifically looking for the following collaborators, listed below. Anyone interested please e-mail Joyce Mishaan at by Monday, October 3rd.

Media Theory Scholars – Anyone with a background and/or interest in Media Theory.

Dramatic Writers – We will be adapting the Prometheus myth into three working scripts. This will include workshops exploring the themes and context of the story as well as the ways in which we can carry those themes across our different media platforms. Anyone with a specific interest in adaptation, classical stories and/or writing for new media especially encouraged to join the project!

Creative Producers – Anyone interested in getting involved at the producer level. We will be producing a site-specific installation including live theater, film projection and interactive media. Producers will be heavily involved in the project from start to finish, with a more intensive schedule in the spring semester. We are especially looking for highly organized, tech-savvy individuals who can help stretch a budget creatively.

Installation Artists – Participating artists will be heavily involved in the creative realization of the project, specifically in the spring semester. We’re looking for anyone with an interest in installation art or site-specific performance art.

Digital Media Producers – This is a major creative role in the project and as of yet very loosely defined. We will be creating a digital media piece as part of the installation and looking for anyone with a creative interest in new media art and the technical know-how to bring a project to life.

Tech Assistant – Looking for a tech savvy individual to help install and manage all echnical aspects of the project including audio, video and online media.

Director of Photography - Looking for a DP for a short film piece, approximately 2 – 3 day shoot during the Spring semester. We’d like the DP to be involved in the creative planning for the film, and would encourage participation during pre-production meetings in the Fall semester. Have a camera? Even better!

Sound Designer/Audio Mixer – Ideally looking for someone who can sound design for the installation piece and mix audio for the film shoot. 2 – 3 days of shooting in the spring semester plus pre-production meetings in the fall.

AD/Production Manager/Production Assistants – Anyone interested in being involved in the short film production. This can include crew support, script supervision and logistical support. 2 – 3 day commitment, on set. Happy to teach/train anyone looking to gain more set experience.

Performers – Looking for actors both for live performance and short film shoot. Roles TBD. Especially those interested in classical adaptations, site-specific performance art and new media projects.

Production Designer/Art Department – Looking for a production designer who is comfortable working across a variety of mediums, including live performance, film and digital media. We will be working with limited resources and are especially looking for someone who is adept at stretching a budget creatively. Participation will require some pre-production meetings in the fall semester and a heavier commitment during production in the spring. Also looking for art department support for those who would like to be involved with a lesser commitment.

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