Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Threesis Winners! Congratulations Chris Cappelluti and Roy Schwartz!

Draper students took first place and runner up in the second annual Threesis Challenge last Saturday!

Chris Cappelluti won the $1000 grand prize for presenting his thesis
"The Dual Ulysses Tradition"
Roy Schwartz handily gained the runner-up spot with
"Is Superman Circumcised? The (Secret) Jewish Identities of Superheroes"

We'd also like to congratulate, once again, all the Draper students who participated -- Homa Zaryouni, Kevin McKouen, Sam Belkin, Theresa D'Andrea, and Yun Emily Wang, who made it to the final found with her thesis: "Noisy-hot: the Sociopolitical Ramifications of Taiwanese Noise Ideologies."

Well played, Draperites! We are bursting with pride!

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