Monday, February 6, 2012

Draper's Provisional Summer 2012 Course Schedule Now Available

Draper's provisional summer schedule has now been made available on our website, here. Please keep the following information in mind when planning your summer registration:

  • Registration opens on Albert on Monday, February 13, but many departments may not have confirmed their full course schedules until the middle of the spring semester. Please continue to check departmental listings to see updates and additions to course schedules. The last day to register for the Summer Session I is not until May 20, so there will be plenty of time to consider your summer course choices throughout the spring semester.
  • The majority of Draper's summer courses are crosslists, so our program has to wait for external departments to finalize their summer schedules before we can finish our own. We anticipate, however, that Draper will be adding several more crosslisted classes for the summer, most likely including several English courses in both summer session one and two. Any new information about summer classes--including new crosslists and new course descriptions--will be sent to the listserv and posted here, on in.ter.reg.num, as it becomes available.
  • There are no access codes required to register for summer classes and Draper does not hold formal advising for the summer semester. Please email Robert Dimit directly with questions about summer registration: robert[dot]dimit@nyu[dot]edu.

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