Monday, November 14, 2011

"A Citizen's Guide to Plastic Pollution" Talk -- Tuesday 11/15

A citizen’s guide to plastic pollution

A presentation by Max Liboiron, brought to the NYU community by Earthmatters
Tuesday, November 15th 2011 from 8-9:30pm in Rosenthal Pavilion on the 10th floor of Kimmel.
Refreshments will be served.

How safe am I eating from plastic take out containers? Can I put them in the microwave? Can I reuse them? What’s this I hear about BPA? Am I at risk? What about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Does that affect me? How can I help stop the patch from growing?

First we will talk about how plastic pollutes your body and in the global environment. Then we will discuss how to be as healthy as possible in this Very Plastic world, and what sorts of things need to change to deal with plastic pollution effectively. Past participants of this presentation have reported that it was the most enthralling hour of education they've ever experienced, opening their eyes to a host of body mutations, early death and food chain disasters that they knew nothing about.

Max Liboiron is a PhD candidate at New York University and Co-Coordinator for the Plastic Pollution Coalition- East Coast. Her research focuses on models of pollution and how twenty-first century waste such as ocean plastics or plastic chemicals that accumulate in human bodies defy those models. The ultimate propose of her dissertation is to extend notions of pollution to include these cases so that future practices can be more environmentally viable. Max previously coordinated NYU’s Green Grants, a grassroots stakeholder granting program run by the Office of Sustainability to increase the university’s environmental performance and culture. She is also a trash artist. More information on this presentation and her other work is available at

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