Thursday, March 17, 2011

Draper alumna teaches yoga workshop

2001 Draper graduate Heidi Spear focused on comparative literature and performing arts at NYU, then studied at the Globe Theater in London. Now she has taken her interdisciplinary methods to a physical field: yoga.

Heidi is offering a workshop called "The Yoga of Shakespeare: To Thine Own Self be True" at Kripalu, the yoga retreat center in western Massachusetts. "We use the language and poetry of Shakespeare," explains Heidi, "where it intersects with the inquiry of yoga to develop self-observation without judgment and sink into the layers of creative consciousness to connect that inward place where creativity and inner wisdom reside. It's great for students, teachers, and all who need tools for de-stressing, and tapping into their creative/knowledge space."

Since we love bragging about our alumni, and since we know that de-stressing can be a boon to busy students, we thought we'd pass along the information about Heidi's class (for which no experience with Shakespeare or yoga is necessary). More information is on the Kripalu website.

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