Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing Steven Moga, Draper's New Faculty Fellow in The City

Draper is delighted to introduce Professor Steven Moga, who will be joining us this fall as our new faculty fellow in The City. He will be speaking at Draper's orientation tonight along with the rest of our faculty fellows. Professor Moga's bio is below; please join us in welcoming him to the program!


Dr. Moga recently completed his Ph.D. in urban studies and planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His dissertation, entitled “Bottoms, Hollows, and Flats: Making and Remaking the Lower Section of the American City,” analyzed the historical phenomenon of low-lying urban districts as human settlements associated with poverty and marginality. He received two awards to support this research: a 2009 Trustees Merit Citation from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts and the 2010 Hal Rothman Research Fellowship from the American Society for Environmental History.

His research interests include city planning and urban environmental history, historic preservation, community development, and urban design politics. As a photographer, he brings a strong visual sense to his work: making photographs as fieldwork, using visual analysis as a research method, and critically assessing urban images. He views city planning history as powerful tool for the consideration of built form and the study of the urban landscape. He advocates for more equitable, better planned, and more meaningful places, seeking to use the power of physical design to affect social improvement in a manner that respects history and welcomes progressive social change.

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