Thursday, July 15, 2010

Student News!

David Ferris has launched a new blog called "Humble Piety: Meditations on the Politics of Limited Knowledge." About this project, David writes,
Ranging widely in topical content, Ferris ponders knowledge and belief in the public sphere. Often approaching feature-length articles in a style inhabiting the interregnum between academic and pop-political, the long-form posts may be unwieldy for the blogosphere but hopefully justify their verbosity. They should appeal to a wide range of Draper students. Participation through comments is highly encouraged and diversity of perspective deeply valued. Ask a question. Throw out a challenge to think in new light. Share your experience and erudition."
Check out David's blog at

Salvador Olguin presented his paper "Towards a Genealogy of the Posthuman Subject: Traces of a Prosthetic Impulse in Philosophical Materialism During the Enlightenment and in Gnostic Theology" at The University of Surrey's interdisciplinary conference on "The Emergence of the Posthuman Subject." Salvador has also published an article called "Giorgio Agamben: Posthumanism and Bare Life" in Interfolia, a magazine published by the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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