Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DSO Colloquium Call for Papers

From DSO...

Dear Draperites,

We are looking for papers, projects and presentations for this spring's DSO Colloquium on 'The Frame.'

All aspects and interpretations of the topic are welcome. Your paper could address such things as:
  • in visual art: how the frame signals the limits of the art object, what happens when it is ignored or violated, how it functions as a (de?)politicized boundary
  • in literature: the frame narrative, the critical or historical frame for a work, non-literary textual frames such as newspapers, magazines
  • in cinema: the physical frame as unit of composition, how this physical frame negotiates intentionality - what is included/ excluded, the possibility of a frame-less cinema
  • in history: the frame of reference, the perspective or context, the impact of historiographical practice on the accessibility or invisibility of such frames
  • in archive/museum studies: the archive as frame for the primary text, tensions between physical and intellectual frames for archival holdings, the curatorial frame, its neutrality, transparency or mediating effect
  • in law/politics: the frame as set-up, conspiracy, the frame imposed against one's will
This colloquium is limited to Draper students and provides an excellent opportunity to speak about a project you are working on and get input and ideas from your fellow students. Presentations will be 15-20 minutes long and do not have to be based on a completed project. Often a paper that is still in progress will yield a more fruitful discussion. That said, completed projects are very welcome as well.

For those interested in helping out with the selection committee, organizing the colloquium, or moderating please email Christine at

The DSO Colloquium on The Frame is scheduled for Friday 26 March at 6:30.

Proposals (200 words) are due by 28 February to
Please feel free to contact Christine with any questions.

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