Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Student presentations from Brathwaite's Fall 2009 sycoraX Aesthetics course

Featuring Draper students Faith Merino-Davies, Michael Marra, Charlotte Kelly, and Tiffany Vaughan!

How does sycoraX see b(l)ack?

Presentations by Students of “Caribbean Literature: sycoraX Aesthetics” (Fall 2009)
taught by Prof. Kamau Brathwaite

Friday, December 11, '09
Silver Center Rm 705

10:00am The theory/thesis/journey - Faith Merino-Davies and Alake Pilgrim
11:00am Vocabulary, iconography & method - Ian Foster and Ayinde Jean-Baptiste
12:00pm MR and the Academy - Aika Masomi Swai

2:00pm The historical and native narrative - Michael Marra
3:00pm Critique of the method - Jane Bolin and Marlon Burgess
4:00pm Critique of the word, critique of the course - Charlotte Kelly and Julia Haav

5:00pm The ideal entero: the interdisciplinary basis of the course - Brendan
Wattenberg, Tiffany Vaughan, Sachiko Koto

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