Friday, October 9, 2009

Ph.D. Application Workshop Tonight: 10/9

Ph.D. Application Workshop
Led by Professors Mrinalini Rajagopalan and Nina Hien

Friday, October 9th 5-7 PM
Draper Map Room

This workshop is a mini-orientation session geared towards students who are either considering a Ph.D. or those who are already in the early stages of the application process. It is also relevant to students who are interested in general information regarding doctoral degrees and those who need some guidance as to what they should be prepared for in terms of the application process. Some general issues that will be tackled are:
  • How do I know if a PhD is right for me?
  • Setting realistic expectations of the PhD process and future career trajectories.
  • Choosing a department as well as a university that is a good fit for me. -What to expect in terms of the contents and deadlines for a PhD application.
  • Using Draper as a resource for making decisions about a PhD and a career in academia.
We encourage all Draper students who are interested in future doctoral studies and have questions regarding the same to attend this workshop.

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