Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Horizons of Translation Series: Representations of Translation in Latin American Fiction (Wednesday, 10/14)

“Horizons of Translation”

Organized by the Department of Comparative Literature and cosponsored by the Humanities Initiative, New York University, “Horizons of Translation” public lecture series extends over fall 2009 semester. Showcasing the strengths in translation studies of NYU’s Department of Comparative Literature and drawing into dialogue specialists in the subject from other universities, the series is designed to address the growing centrality of translation – as practice and as metaphor – to a variety of fields and theories. This interdisciplinary series brings a range of perspectives on translating theory and philosophy, on genre-specific questions, on translation and conflict, on the translational strategies of transnational literature, on the status of Arabic texts in world literature, among others. The regions highlighted are: Latin America, the USA, Europe, and the Arab world. For further information, please e-mail Hala Halim (hh47@nyu.edu).

(10/14 @ 6:00)

Rosemary Arrojo

(Binghamton University)

“Representations of Translation in Latin American Fiction: Rodolfo Walsh, Moacyr Scliar, and the Subverted Space of the Translator's Footnotes”

19 University Pl. Room 222

(10/22 @ 6:00)

Waïl Hassan

(University of Illinois)

"From Literature in Translation to Translational Literature: Ahdaf Soueif and the Politics of Writing in English"

19 University Pl. Great Room

The last two talks in this series will be:

(11/11 @ 6:00)

Roger Allen (University of Pennsylvania) “The Happy Traitor: Tales of Translation”

19 University Pl. Great Room

(12/3 @ 6:00)

William Granara (Harvard University)

"Translation, Cultural Conflict, and the Literary Text"

Deutsches Haus. 42 Washington Mews

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