Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DSO Call for Papers reminder

There's still time to submit a paper/project/presentation to the DSO Colloquium on silence. The deadline is November 7th, and the event itself will take place Friday, December 11th, at 6:30pm, in the Draper Map Room. Info on how to submit or who to contact with questions is below.
Calling all draper students,

We are looking for papers, projects and presentations
for this fall's DSO Colloquium on SILENCE.

All aspects and interpretations of the topic are welcome.
Your paper could address such things as:

-actual silence, as captured by technology
-representations of silence in art or literature
-the function of silence within a text
-silence as a political stance
-silencing as a form of repression
-the practices brought about by another's silence:
speaking on someone's behalf, ventriloquism

-silence and its 'opposites': speech/sound/noise

This colloquium is limited to Draper students and
provides an
excellent opportunity to speak about a
project you are working on and
get input and ideas
from your fellow students. Presentations will be

15-20 minutes long and do not have to be based on
a completed project.
Often a paper that is still in
progress will yield a more fruitful
discussion. That said,
completed projects are very welcome as well.

For those interested in helping out with the selection
organizing the colloquium, or moderating
please email Christine Woody

The DSO Colloquium on SILENCE will take place
Friday 11 December at 6:30pm in the Draper Map Room.

Proposals (200 words) are due by 7 November to Please contact Christine with any

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