Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An introduction

Hello, readers of in.ter.reg.num! I'm the new administrative aide at the Draper program, and with that great responsibility comes the great privilege of being a contributor to this blog. Sort of like Spiderman, just the other way around.

In any case, if you were to look at the official Draper website and find me on the administration page , you would see my interests listed as: "Food (especially culture, sustainability, and hunger issues), fiction writing, contemporary literature." All this is true, but since we're in a slightly more informal environment here, I can add that I also enjoy Coney Island, dressing up, children's literature, American football, and pretending to be a mixologist. And that, at any given moment, I usually have one thing that I'm a little obsessed about; currently, it's Gone With the Wind, which I just started reading, and which, so far, is well worth the back-ache I get from carting it around.

I'm also really happy to be working at the Draper program. Not only have Robin Nagle, Robert Dimit, and Larissa Kyzer all been welcoming and wonderful to work with, the students have been equally delightful. Some of my friends don't understand this, but I can't wait to do the part of my job that involves entering student thesis titles into a database, because I can't wait to get a peek at all the marvelous ideas that Draper students are playing with. Having most recently worked at NYU's College of Nursing, this is a welcome change for my liberal-artsy tastes.

I will be posting pertinent info on this site - calls for papers and the like - but hope to add a more personal post once in a while as well. Thanks for indulging me in my introduction, and please stay tuned!